Kebun Genau

Petungkriyono forest has a high diversity of edible plants forest. Formerly, Petungkriyono people usually gathered edible plants from the forest for consuming or cooking. Then nowadays, the knowledge of Petungkriyono’s young generation about edible plants in the Petungkriyono forest is poor. It encourages Genau Indonesia to create Kebun Genau or Genau Garden. We want to bring the Petungkriyono forest close to society through the Kebun Genau, especially for tourists and Petungkriyono’s young generation.



Kebun Genau started to grow in late 2020. It was built on a 620-square-meter plot, its elevation is 1000 meters above sea level. Kebun Genau is an ideal garden setting because it is next to the Curug Bajing Waterfall. Its location is also easy to reach by tourists.


Kebun Genau is already collecting many edible plants from Petungkriyono Forest. The kind of edible plants such as fruit plants, shrubs, and herbaceous. In Kebun Genau, You can pick fruits from Robust rosifolius, Medinilla speciosa, Curculigo latifolia, etc. You can take many kinds of leaves as vegetables from Diplazium proliferum, Diplazium esculentum, Travesia sundaica, etc. You can learn about the agroforestry plants seem as coffee, clove, cinnamon, etc.

The main goals of Kebun Genau are;

  1. Collect and preserve the species of edible plants from the Petungkriyono Forest.
  2. Protect and prevent the extinction of threatened edible plant species.
  3. Introduce edible plant forest to the tourist and Petungkriyono’s young generation
  4. Civilize the culture of gathering edible plants which climate-friendly.
  5. Grow as a center of education and research about forests, nature, and the environment.

We hope the presence of Kebun Genau will become the miniature of the Petungkriyono edible forest. So let’s visit us at Kebun Genau, Jalan Raya Petungkriyono, Desa Tlogopakis, Kecamatan Petungkriyono, Jawa Tengah. You can find us in Google maps as Kebun Genau. Kebun Genau is open every Sunday 07.00-17.00 (Jakarta’s time). If you want to visit on the other day, please make a reservation to the admin (whatapps: 085712959698, email: