Sustainable tourism

The natural beauty of Petungkriyono is a small piece of the beauty of heaven. The dense tropical rainforest, gurgling waterfall, and clean river water give you peacefulness. The terraced rice fields surrounded by mountain hills paint an infinity of beauty. Petungkriyono is a south part of Pekalongan Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Its area is about 7308,5 ha. It is home to around 12.000 people who are spread over nine villages. Petungkriyono is also home to many exotic floras and faunas.
Living in Petungkriyono will refresh your mind and heal your soul. You will stay in the locals' home. You will get an unforgettable experience living with the locals and learn how they live with their wisdom and respect for nature. We firmly believe that involving the local society in our traveling is fundamental to sustainable tourism.
As a pure nature of the earth, Petungkriyono serves various beautiful landscapes. You can do many activities with nature, such as exploring the tropical rainforest and enjoying the cheerful birds' voices, relaxing on the spacious paddy field terrace and seeing the beautiful sunset, hiking the mountains hill, or playing in amazing waterfalls and clean rivers.
You will be the warmest welcome to dive into our culture and wisdom. We will serve our Petungkriyono authentic cuisine. We invite you to feel how we live as mountain farmers and how we organize our traditional ceremonies. We also invite you to learn and practice the traditional instrumental ensemble of Java, Gamelan.
Several tourist attractions in Petungkriyono reveal historical stories. It will give moral value to our life. An example is the presence of Linggo-Yani in the middle of the paddy field terrace, a statue that symbolizes the energy of the creation of Hindus.
With us, you have the flexibility to customize your own travel experience and create a memorable moment in Petungkriyono. Staying for five to ten days is recommended. The summer session from May until October is the best time to visit Petungkriyono. Besides enjoying the many tourist attractions, you can try several activities such as; - Explore the exotic fauna and waterfall in the dense forest - Explore and enjoy the pure and beautiful rivers - Hike the Rogojembangan Mountain and the Top of Tugu Hill - Forage activities and learn how to serve Petungkriyono Cuisine - Living like a local mountain farmer, going into a paddy field, exploring coffee and clove plantations, and making a palm sugar. - Learning the Gamelan, Javanese traditional ensemble - Exploring the historical site like Lingga-Yani, Turug Bima, Situs Gedong, and Sigebyar Lake