Internship with Genau

The experience I gained from the online internship for half a year was a wonderful experience that I have never had before. I was able to make more progress and communicate more deeply than I could have imagined.

At first, I was nervous and anxious about supporting a team member I had never met and a place I had never visited. However, the team members welcomed me warmly and made my job easier.

I participated in this internship because I wanted to see if I could do something in the field of overseas. My wish is half fulfilled and half progress.

I was studying tourism at university. Through this, I also learned about the problems that occur with tourism development. Human-centered tourism causes problems such as destruction of nature and pollution. In order for the next generation to enjoy this land, we need to make efforts now. That’s why I chose this program.

Even before I spoke about the negative aspects of tourism, the team members had their eyes on it. When I talk with all the team members, I can feel how much they care about nature and how they want to protect it. Such a figure made me wonder how much I thought about my hometown.

I was able to experience a lot of things for such a team member. I learned a lot from each and every step, such as creating websites, holding workshops, and considering tourism programs. I could not have accomplished these tasks without the support of my team members.

I sincerely hope that what I have created through this program will be of some help to the community. And I want to support them as they grow. I am really looking forward to the day when I can go to Putungkriyono.

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