#1 Bring the Local to the Global with the Internship Program

In the mid of 2020, as a local community of Petungkriyono, we created the Genau Indonesia. Genau Indonesia was the reason for our love and respect for nature and the local wisdom of Petungkriyono, Central Java, Indonesia. More than that, it also was born due to our discomfort with the potential of mass tourism in Petungkriyono.  

Surprisingly, our efforts to practice sustainable tourism attracted several organizations such as su-re.co from Bali and Tiger Mov from Japan to support us. They have organized and facilitated us running an internship program for Japanese young people. The internship participants have worked voluntarily to support Genau’s program about sustainable tourism.  

We had the preparation internship program in the middle of 2021. Then it has been effectively implemented since March 15, 2022. We have run the program online. Every Wednesday morning, we have a weekly meeting. In the weekly meeting, we discuss the job, plan, achievement, and the problem during the internship program. Sometimes, we also have an additional meeting with the program participant for brilliant ideas exploration and job description.  

The participants of the internship program are Nanako Hori and Mai Chubachi. Nanako Hori, a tourism management student, mainly focuses on our website and training programs for tourism management and waste management for the Petungkriyono Young Leader. Then, Mai, a Master of Art in Design, works on Instagram management and tourism promotion strategies of Genau Indonesia.   

This internship program is impactful for us. It has broken the border with international relations and has spread the sustainable vibe of tourism for Petungkriyono. It helps us more understand how to run sustainable tourism with high responsibility to nature and people. It also can increase our human resource quality simultaneously. Then the important thing is the program increases our confidence to preserve our local and share with the global. 

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  1. What a wonderful story! I’m looking forward to see this community grows bigger 🙂

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