Genau Indonesia

Genau Indonesia founded in Petungkriyono in 2020. The founding of Genau Indonesia was motivated by the founder's passion for the Petungkriyono landscape, which includes mountain ranges ranging from 400 to 2000 meters above sea level, protected forests, rice fields, plantations, and horticulture. Petungkriyono also contains distinctive flora, fauna, and unique culture. As a result, Petungkriyono has risen to the top of the list of new tourist spots in Central Java, Indonesia. However, existing tourism is less pay attention to sustainable tourism. Tourism activities in Petungkriyono encourage Genau Indonesia to build sustainable tourism, especially in Petungkriyono. Genau Indonesia runs programs that focus on education, research, ecotourism, and community development to achieve the goal. Genau Indonesia offers environmental education packages to share knowledge and give experience to kids, teenagers, and adult people about a sustainable environment and living harmoniously with nature. On the other hand, Genau Indonesia also researches biodiversity and the environment in Petungkriyono. Then, together with society, Genau Indonesia provides Petungkriyono ecotourism packages to explore the nature, socio-culture, and local potentials of Petungkriyono. Genau Indonesia also grows Kebun Genau, a garden of Petungkriyono miniature forest, especially for collecting edible food forest.